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The Fiscal Cliff and Pending Tax Changes

by James A. Carraway, P.A., CPA 305-667-3033

What is the fiscal cliff? A $700 billion mix of tax increases and spending cuts that will occur if Congress doesn’t act before December 31st. Many people believe that this will create such a huge hit on the spending power of American businesses and households that we will slip […]

Required Minimum Distributions – You Can’t Afford to Miss This Deadline

By Glen Mather of  NuView IRA

Don’t let the little issue of required minimum distributions (“RMDs”) get lost in the blur of the holiday season. The IRS makes it painfully clear that they are envious of those of you that are over the age of 70.5 and have an IRA or other retirement plans. Interestingly, […]

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Lawyer To Speak On Entity Selection And Partnerships

Partners agree on everything all the time, right?  Married folks can attest to that, right?!?  Everyone has good intentions when starting a business venture. But things (can) happen.  Divorce, death, bankruptcy or mental incapacity of a partner can wreak havoc on a business.  Being prepared for the unlikely is wise AND easy.

Should you need […]

He Wrote The Book On Landlord Profitability

Bryan Chavis is well known around these parts. Not only is his book Buy it, Rent It, Profit! a terrific guide for local landlords, he also advises many Miami area investors and teaches regularly at the leading real estate school in South Florida. His success story is a Florida story and we have standing-room-only […]

All Woman Panel Included Auction Buyer, Wholesaler and Landlord

A standing room only crowd on September 19, 2012 enjoyed DREIA members Aundrella Hamed, Nancy Dinkel, Rhonda Light and Cristina Mazuera. Everyone stayed until the end of the meeting to chat personally with these dynamic investors and teachers. Each revealed something that surprised the crowd.
Aundrella Hamed’s history as a landlord in Miami, experiencing riots, […]

What’s The Real Estate Room?

Inaugurated September 12th 2012 with the lunch meeting, The Real Estate Room was created for Getting Ahead events. Getting Ahead is a series of advanced meetings or additional information for investors in the field or those learning the trade. Miami Landlord Association’s new home is here also. The recent Raising Private Money boot camp was held […]

Miami Landlord Association Launched!

The DREIA board of directors , along with Eddie Miller and Alekxey Sabido of Miami Property Solutions, LLC, launched Miami Landlord Association in April, 2012.  The association meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at lunch.  Programs have included landlord and tenant obligations featuring attorney Sheleen Kahn.  Messrs. Miller and Sabido presented their plan […]

Re-Base Lining for 2012

January 2012.  This is the time to wipe the slate clean, be of new resolve, let bygones be bygones, and embark on new self-improvement initiatives.  But according to the December 27th issue of the Wall Street Journal, perhaps along with turning over a new leaf – it may also pay to take a new […]

Time To Dispute Property Taxes

by Enrique Fernandez, Esq.
In the coming weeks I will discuss a number of strategies that may allow you to lower the monthly mortgage payment you pay for your home. Today’s installment discusses your ability to dispute your tax bill and lower your monthly escrow payment.
Every year the Miami-Dade Property Appraiser sends out a notice […]

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Retire Rich With Rentals!

Sharon Restrepo fans won’t want to miss this important meeting where she shares her buy and hold strategy. If you’ve never met Sharon, register for this meeting.  She’s local, she’s an investor, a real estate agent and a prolific author.  She’ll travel all the way from West Palm Beach to be with us Wednesday […]