Dave Dinkel’s Insights: Greatest Fears #5

My Greatest Fear is – “What if I Over Bid on the Property?” – 

Series, Part 5

 Inevitably I have students tell me they are fearful of overbidding on a property because they think they will bleed to death trying to find a buyer.  This is a very viable concern unless you know the different ways to […]

Dave Dinkel’s Insights: Greatest Fears #4

My Greatest Fear is – Once I Get a Deal Who Do I Sell It To?” – Series Part 4

This fear of “Who do I sell my deal to?” should be the greatest fear of most investors.  However, many are too enthusiastic  to understand this problem until they get slapped with it.   Let’s assume that you have […]

Dave Dinkel’s Insights: Greatest Fears #3

My Greatest Fear is – “What Offer Should I Make to a Seller?”  – Series – Part 3
Students and new investors tend to believe there is a magic number that they should offer on any specific property.  This “exact” number can be derived from getting an appraisal, by getting a realtor to do a […]

Dave Dinkel’s Insights: Part 2 Greatest Fears

Part 2 – My Greatest Fears in Real Estate Investing – Contracting
 “My Greatest Fear is the Legalities of Contracting” is a constant drumbeat I hear from new investors.  I am not sure when contracts came into play but it must have been many hundreds of years ago.  In those days the lawyers charged per […]

Dave Dinkel’s Insight: Greatest Fears, Part 1

What are the Solutions to Investors’ Greatest Fears? – Part 1
 As a mentor I answer a lot of the same questions from prospective students.  The questions that cripple wannabe students are about fears that are obvious potential problems.  However, with experience they can be handled by any investor.  These fears run the gamut from […]

Dave Dinkel’s Insights: Assuming Can Cost You Tons Of Deals

One of my greatest aggravations with my students and people in general is that they make assumptions based on a microcosm of information instead of what I consider the “big picture.” These assumptions come to me almost daily when students tell me their personal experience or even better, hearsay from someone else in the business.

 Here is […]

A Residential Landlord’s Roadmap To Evictions

Contributed by: ROY L. WEINFELD, P.A.
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As a Residential Landlord, you may have to travel a long and winding bumpy road to evict your tenant. However, when you drive with perfectly aligned tires, and make a right at the fork in that road, then smoother evictions lie ahead.
In Florida, traditionally, you may evict […]

Everything You Need to Know About Real Estate IRAs

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The last few years have been a wild ride for investors, real estate and stock market investors included. But as we survey the opportunities that present themselves, there is a constant. At the time of writing this guide, there has been a blank slate providing investors the opportunity to plunge in and get […]

Beating the Competition

One of the valuable and commonly overlooked tips I teach investors to use to beat their competition is called “working the Pendings”.

Realtors are taught to “work the Expireds” in hopes of getting new listings for their inventory. This is a great strategy for us investors also, but even more lucrative is working the pending and […]

Do You Really Need a Land Trust?

by Randy Hughes

What is a land trust? Why do I need to use land trusts? Both are very important questions.  But let’s be straight forward with this article. You have worked very hard to accumulate property for investment. You put yourself, your family, and your children’s future at risk investing in real estate.

Do you […]