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Everyone's business looks different after learning to wholesale. You actually get to choose the road you want to take because you have a dependable method to earn money. Meet panelists who have taken different paths and learn what it took to get there at the DREIA meeting.

The Next Step Panel
Get the scoop at our next DREIA meeting.

Meet panelist who have taken a different paths
and learn what it took to get there.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 Time: 6pm – 8:30pm

DREIA’s Change-Your-Life Mentoring Program

The exciting opportunity to learn the business while partnering on deals with local, experienced investors.

We work directly with you unlike the out-of-town gurus who send you to a call center with scripts. You can call us, email us and see us at the office. We do deals and so can you!


DREIA offers resources to anyone who is serious about growing their real estate investment expertise. Our membership includes full-time and part-time investors, beginning investors, real estate brokers and agents, business associates, attorneys, accountants, property managers, contractors, renovation specialists, appraisers, bankers, and people just like you who want to earn better returns on their time and investments starting today.


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