DREIA Mentoring Program

“Change Your Life” Real Estate Mentoring for 2019

Making money in real estate investing is a life-changing experience.  We have helped many students to do just that and you too can change your life with focus, persistence and determination and our mentoring program.

Nancy.Dave DinkelThe Real Estate Mentoring Program focuses on wholesaling as its core structure.  Whether you want passive income from rental properties, to rehab and sell retail, or to flip properties for fast cash, wholesaling is the basis for real estate investing success.  Many new rehabbers over-pay for properties because they believe they can create equity by rehabbing.  This is true but only if they can sell for a profit.  Learning to wholesale allows rehabbers to get deals they may not have been able to previously.

The Program entails a 1 ½ day intensive experience with me, Dave Dinkel. The first day covers the way the Program works and the education you need to get started making offers very quickly.  The essence of success in real estate investing is making offers and following up.  The second half of the second day, for those that choose to be there, we will be setting up each Mentor Student with her or his online presence for evaluating properties and making written offers on houses and multi-family properties.  One year of this proprietary service, along with offer-calculating software, is included with the program.

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience and we will be available to every student to help you get deals as quickly as possible and be a “safety net” so you stay out of trouble.  No other mentoring system that we are aware of provides the ongoing personal attention in your local market.  For experienced investors, we have offered an option that does not require you split your first two deals with us.  For new students with little or no experience, the deal-splitting is an incentive to work with you to get deals completed.

There are no upsells to more expensive programs or other speakers pitching additional products.  This is a “no holds barred Program so let’s get deals done!” where we provide the support that is needed including timely changes in market conditions.  Students have to do the work needed to get deals – all of which will be laid out with schedules of what to do and when to do it.  It doesn’t matter whether you will have full-time or part-time involvement.  Full-time Students would expect to put in 4 to 6 hours a day and part-time Students 1 to 2 hours a day.

Once a Student gets a deal under contract, we work closely to insure that the deal is sold through our exclusive list of buyers (more than 8,000 at this time.)  Once a buyer is found, we continue to take the Student through the closing and all the paperwork and details involved in the transaction.  The Student’s success is all important for the Program, whether he or she is changing careers or just supplementing other income.

Students will receive all the software and documents that they need to get started.  Some additional tools are required that are not the property of the Program.  These include a comparable and prospecting software such as REIFAX.com and contracting software from ALTAStar.com if the Student is not an active real estate agent. (First year subscriptions included in the program cost.)

Our partners at DREIA have developed a keen niche in rehabbing high-end properties while Nancy and I rehabbed for 25 years. So you’ll get the insights you need if this is one of the niches you pick.  We have designed the program so incoming Students do not have to have money or credit to do deals.  We provide a Letter of Credit to students if they have no Proof of Funds themselves.  Generally, we will even fund the deals at competitive transactional funding rates.

After a student completes the two qualifying deals in the program, coaching remains.  Should a Student decide to sell deals through our exclusive buyers list, we would split the profit on deals 50/50 as is standard in the industry.

 Because we are active investors, we have assembled what we believe are the finest professionals to support our organization.  They include, but are not limited to, attorneys, lenders, appraisers, home inspectors, insurance agents and public adjustors.  We also work with real estate agents and brokers who are investor friendly and short sale negotiators who do the hard work in getting pre-foreclosures negotiated for you.

We want your learning curve to be minimized as much as possible, but you will still need to do homework, make offers and persistently follow-up your leads.  If you do not put in the time to do the work required, the Program will not work for you.  If you do as we say and put in the time required, whether part time or full time, you should succeed.  If you quit doing the work, we guarantee you will fail. There are no excuses for failure, you may encounter yield signs and road blocks in your career but there is no speed limit on your success.

Simply wanting an amazing change in your life is not enough.  You will have to work to get it and we can show you the way to achieve it, but we need your help to learn and earn at the same time.

Here are a few of the topics with the information you will be given to get started immediately –

  1. Getting Started – Setting up your business, home office, types of legal entities, office equipment or software needed (most will be supplied), everything else to get you started finding deals in just days.
  2. Documentation, Contracting and Required Disclosures You will have access to everything you’ll need and be trained in how to use each document.  If you are not a real estate agent, the FAR/BAR contracts must be licensed which are provided with the program.
  3. How to Find Deals – We will detail over 40 ways to find deals and use internet methods that most people don’t know exist and on the second day of the Program’s Quick Start we will do exact examples..  PLUS, you get my exclusive program “SUPER FREDDY”, included for one year. Freddy helps you price your offer and the SUPER search templates zero in on potential deals.
  4. Qualifying Deals  – The ways to pre-qualify deals using software provided and scripts of what to say to sellers and buyers (your real income source) so you can pre-screen out the “dead beats” and get deals with equity in them without leaving your office.  Most importantly, how to determine what you can really sell properties for in today’s market – either wholesale or retail.
  5. Structuring Deals with No Money – Discover how to make deals work with little or no money so you don’t have to buy and hold properties just to sell them wholesale.  Besides learning it from us, you will get my proprietary software (“Deal or No Deal Software”) that will do the calculations and all the possible offers you can make.
  6. Exit Strategies – You will learn what exit strategies (selling) are available for any type of property including those seemingly impossible to sell properties.  We include both single family and multi-family property evaluation techniques.  We will also show you how to build a buyers list while we market your wholesale deals for you – never again a fear of “Who will buy it?”
  7. Negotiating Deals with Sellers & Buyers – You learn how to work with sellers and buyers to close deals.  This part of the process is so important that we work with you on each deal including the offers, the counter-offers and negotiation tactics that really work.
  8. Selling the Deal – Whether it’s a wholesale, “Wholetail” to retail, or retail deal, you will learn how to sell QUICKLY and for the most possible profit available and use our exclusive list to sell your deals.
  9. Closings – Learn what to expect on every line of the HUD-1, and how to make more money at each closing.  We will review your contracting and closing docs before you go to closing – remember, we are your partner in these deals.
  10. 6-Week Challenge – Now that you have seen a taste of what to expect, let’s start on a six week day-by-day program to get you into doing deals.  The Program includes your personal accountability partner and additional help necessary to help you to achieve your dreams.  You have to do the work to be successful, we will make you fearless but not reckless and you will eliminate any obstacles you encounter.

If you are interested in participating in a life-changing program that will give you all the tools, personal support, and encouragement you need for a career change, fill out the form attached and fax it to Dave Dinkel at 786-513-3174 or send to [email protected] 

Jim Pamplin and Viju Koottungal, co-chairs of DREIA, are both graduates of the Mentoring Program.  Did they have to join?  No. They joined because, despite their experience, they knew there was great value in being with like-minded and successful investors.  

We will contact you after we receive your Application and do either a one-on-one interview or a phone interview – whichever works best for you. 

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