Jason Schubert Returns!

Jason Schubert

Jason Schubert

After Jason’s visit to the July meeting, DREIA’s phone rang and rang.  When will he return? We’d like to go to his boot camp but it was too soon after the meeting.   Folks are interested in commercial investing at this unique time in our economic history.  What’s happening now may not occur for years to come.  (We can only hope!)

So Jason has agreed to return for a half-day workshop on Saturday October 1.  Make your plans now!  You’ll learn more about Jason’s experience since leaving Dell computers and how he’s built a commercial income stream that takes care of him and his family.  He’ll tell you why that during this nation-wide commercial slump could be the best time to buy a commercial property.

He says that using what we already know about buying residential property easily transfers to commercial if we know what to look for.  Sure, some of the practices are different but easy to learn.  And it’s more business-like and the opportunities can generate significantly more cash flow than a few houses.  You owe it to yourself and your future to learn more about this unique opportunity in these unique economic times.

Our very own Eddie Miller attended Jason’s boot camp.   He and partner Alekxey Sabido have a successful Miami Shores Company, MPS Investors, LLC, and they’re ready to take the next step.  Eddie is a veteran of many boot camps and seminars so his “smell” test is usually accurate. Eddie said Jason presents a logical and easily worked system and then shows you evidence (actual properties!) of success.   Eddie will also attend one of Jason’s next boot camps slated for October AND December.

Watch for the October 1 workshop pre-registration emails from [email protected] or at our website www.DREIA.org


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