Miami Landlord Association Launched!

The DREIA board of directors , along with Eddie Miller and Alekxey Sabido of Miami Property Solutions, LLC, launched Miami Landlord Association in April, 2012.  The association meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at lunch.  Programs have included landlord and tenant obligations featuring attorney Sheleen Kahn.  Messrs. Miller and Sabido presented their plan to own rental property free and clear in five years as well as a program from raising private money.

This natural sub-group fills a growing need to teach investors to build wealth with property rentals.  Many savvy investors have purchased properties at historical lows.  With that, however, comes new challenges of managing tenant until prices rise.  And even though prices are indeed increasing, rental rates are rising as well.   Many deals that are purchased from banks and wholesalers.

On June 27th, the meeting will feature a panel of seasoned landlords sharing lessons learned the hard way along with their successes.  Eddie Miller will moderate the discussion which will include an open forum to address landlord challenges.

A light lunch is served and there’s plenty of time for networking.  For reservations and information visit  The meetings are open to the public for just $20; association members admittance price is $10.

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