Mr. Land Trust Visits Soon!

Randy Hughes, aka Mr. Land Trust, is nationally known as a Land Trust Expert. Over 30 years ago, Randy started learning how to set up and administer his own title holding Land Trusts for privacy and asset protection. Over the years, he has become THE national Land Trust expert in the United States. He will be the featured speaker at the DREIA meeting February 19th, 2013. Visit for meeting information.

Randy Hughes started life out on the wrong side of the railroad tracks. His father was an alcoholic and his mother was left to raise four children on a clerk’s wages. None of his relatives owned their own business…everyone worked for wages.

Randy knew that there MUST be a better way to live. He decided to break the cycle of poverty in his family genes. Education came first. Randy graduated from Eastern Illinois University and began buying single family homes for rental while in college. After college, the Randy tried many different types of businesses, but always came back to the Single Family Home as the IDEAL investment. Since purchasing his first rental house in 1969, Randy hasn’t looked back!

Today, Randy has purchased over 200 houses. He has lived the life of having nothing and will not let that happen again. Randy’s primary goal now is to teach others how to break the cycle of poverty. Randy teaches real estate investment courses throughout the United States. He has written Privacy and Asset Protection books as well as home study courses. Randy’s most popular publications are his Land Trust Made Simple home study courses and live seminars.

Be sure to attend this DREIA meeting and learn valuable information that will be useful in your real estate investing business. Watch email for more details.

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  1. Image Property Management on October 3, 2012 at 8:51 am

    What sis the procedure for applying and attain the membership. I want to apply for it, so please do reply me soon about it.

    • jimp on October 3, 2012 at 6:15 pm

      For more information about our memberships visit

      If you would like to join, you can do so online at
      On the right hand side there is a link that says “Join Now” which will take you to the registration page.

      If you have any issues or for more information feel free to call the office at 305-758-3313.

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