Jack Schlossberg

Remember the old adage ‘nothing is certain but death and taxes?’  Well, many investors and landlords haven’t paid income tax for a few years given the ravages of the real estate crash.  Not much of a rainbow, but, relief is welcome from any source, right? But property owners know this for certain: property taxes go on!  Taxes are the largest operating expense for most landlords.  

Maybe you thought your taxes (and assessments) would drop along with the market values.  We all got a surprise, didn’t we? It’s time to take charge!  There is something you can do.  Get the facts on HOW TO APPEAL your tax assessed value.  Sure, there are rules to follow and dates to remember.  But if you’re holding property (single-family, multi-family, land, commercial) it’s well worth learning the steps YOU can take ON YOUR OWN to reduce your taxes.  Take no notice of time that could pass during the process.  Instead, focus on your future savings and increased return on your property!  It’s time to think about this NOW so make plans to learn with us at the DREIA lunch on Wednesday, May 11.

  • Which years can I appeal?
  • How do I know if I qualify for a reduction?
  • What information do I need?
  • How long does it take?
  • Do I need an appraisal?
  • How do I prepare comparables?

Jack Schlossberg of Property Tax Consultants, LTD  will describe a roadmap that can help YOU prepare for an appeal.  The author has known Mr. Schlossberg for more than fifteen years and I can verify that taxes are his obsession and profession.  Prior to providing consulting services for property tax assessment appeals, Jack worked at the Dade County Property Assessor’s office for eight years.  His business deals mostly with commercial…but Jack says the procedures are much the same for all types of property.  He’ll share with us his experience before the Special Masters that adjudicate appeals.  You’ll find his tips and insider information invaluable. Please, bring your questions!

Register early for this lunch event.  Remember, seating is limited so visit for the link to the May 11 lunch meeting.  You’ll find it on navigation bar on the left column of the web page.  Mr. Schlossberg’s website is .

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