The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…a contest for your deals!

DREIA is bringing back this popular panel and we’d like members to participate. If you’ve done a deal that qualifies for one of the above monikers, please email us at [email protected]. You’ll have fun on the panel and educate or inspire budding and experienced investors. Read more for the guidelines.

We’re looking for up to three for each category so don’t hesitate to send them in. If you’re on the panel, then the audience will vote for each category and a prize will be awarded for each category!

GOOD. This is a deal that not just turned out good, but exceeded your expectations. Maybe you didn’t realize the condition was better than you thought. Maybe it was a non-bank source that gave you an extremely good deal or terms. Or maybe the market was better than you thought. But let us and others in on how you managed this great deal.

BAD. Ok, we all know mistakes are how we learn. A former board member used to say “boy, that was an expensive seminar” when someone missed something in a deal that caused it to go bad. But education is necessary and if you’re willing to show us your lumps, and describe how you’ve gone on to do better deals; you’ll be performing a great service to your fellow investors. Please let us know!

UGLY. Sure, we all want to buy the ugliest house on the block. (If you don’t know why we like ugly, learn about the big bucks at this meeting.) But there’s ugly and then there’s b#@x UGLY!  Show us your nastiest house and what you did to make it turn into money.

Remember, there’s a prize for each category presented on the panel. But ALL entries will be included in a future DREIA newsletter.

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