Advanced Tax Advisors
Address: 8201 Peters Road, Suite 1000, Plantation Florida
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Tax Planning and Strategizing For Real Estate Professionals

Investing in real estate involves strategy, research and risk management, especially when it comes to proper tax planning and preparation. Having a savvy eye for real estate doesn’t do much when it comes to filing tax paperwork every Spring, that’s where the team at Advanced Tax Advisors can help. Our federally-licensed tax professionals help real estate investors get the most from their portfolios through careful planning and preparation.

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Business Phone Number: 954-888-6941
Address: 260 95th Street #201 Surfside, FL
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Business Phone Number: 305.861.7755
Creative Title
Address: 4345 SW 72nd Ave F
Miami, FL
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Creative Title Services Inc. has been the “go to” settlement agency for Investors and Real Estate professionals in South Florida since 2002. We are 100% investor friendly and specialize in “Double Closings”, Closings that require Transactual Funding, Short Sales and Land Trust Closings. Traditional services for home sale and refinance closings to complex commercial settlements, 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges and Construction loan closings, Creative Title Services can accommodate your specific closing. We are an approved closing agent with HUD, MAPP, and HOPE. We are a trusted and reliable closing source, Creative Title Services has set the gold standard for excellence in customer care, value and experience.

A comfortable fit from contract to closing, your transaction will be processed by experienced personnel with a focus on detail, efficiency and securing your personal information. At Creative Title Services, settlements are conducted by seasoned real estate settlement officers. Our knowledgeable professionals will make your closing experience as easy as 1,2,3. We treat all our clients with courtesy and respect for those who entrust us with their real estate needs.

Our role as the your Settlement Agent is to be in compliance with the governing documents needed for your real estate transaction. We offer offsite and mail-away transactions. We conduct Closings for the entire State of Florida. The choice of settlement agent is yours. Choose the one that is dedicated to your Peace of Mind, Creative Title Services.
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Erica Fernandez

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Business Phone Number: (305) 476-8733
Fixers 4 Rehab
Address: 17091 NW 23 St
Pembroke Pines , FL
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One of the BIGGEST Wholesalers in the TRI-COUNTY!


Viju Koottungal

Business Phone Number: 305 331-0432
Flipper Loans
Address: 2856 E Oakland Park
Ft Lauderdale , FL
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For nearly 30 years, Flipperloans has offered a broad and competitive scope of financing for real estate investors throughout Florida and Georgia. From Miami to Palm Beach…Tampa to Orlando…Jacksonville to the Panhandle, Flipperloans has comprehensive acquisition & funding solutions that can fit the parameters of any deal in your area. For investors both seasoned and new, Flipperloans welcomes the opportunity to find & fund all of your real estate investment projects!

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Paul Regan

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Business Phone Number: 954 444-4902
Independent Title of Fort Lauderdale
Address: 2929 E. Commercial Blvd., #605
Fort Lauderdale , FL
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Investor Friendly Title Services in Florida

Experience the best in investor friendly title services in FL…

Independent Title in Fort Lauderdale, FL is a truly investor friendly title company, eager to help the real estate community flourish, go from successful closing to closing, and see your business volume grow.

We are dedicated to facilitating smooth real estate investor transactions, and have a team of professionals that understand your needs and challenges.

Types of Transactions We Can Help with include:

Residential and commercial real estate deals in Florida
Short sales and REOs
Property purchases
Legal double closings
Seller financed real estate transactions

Our Investor Friendly FL Title Company Services Include:

Instant online ordering for title services
Transactional Funding
Hard money referrals
Comprehensive online resource center including contracts and forms
Attorney on retainer
Net sheets
Fast and affordable title and lien searches
Electronic documents
Safe escrow services
Recording services
Owner and lender title insurance
Fund disbursement
After hours, remote, and mobile closings

Extended Services for Florida Real Estate Investors

We know having an investor friendly, full service title company is critical to your success. To this end we provide access to a robust suite of extended services. This includes curative assistance for squashing code violation, permit, and lien issues, as well clouds on title so that you can get more deals done, make more money, and have a competitive edge in the market while helping others.

Our expert team with decades of Florida title experience will keep you constantly updated, help coordinate your closing, and is proactive about identifying potential issues with lenders, so that they can be effectively navigated in time, for an on schedule closing.

If needed we’d also love to connect you with additional legal, tax, corporation assistance for doing business in Florida from out of the area, foreign investors, LLCs, and optimizing your taxes.

Order title for your next Florida real estate deal online now, or give us a call with your title questions…

Jim Santiago

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Business Phone Number: 954-493-8288
Business Fax: 954-493-8307
JV Brokers, Inc
Address: Address: 209 NE 95th St STE 7
Miami Shores, FL
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Business Phone Number: 305.534.6343
Les Laroche, Esq. – Real Estate Lawyer
Address: 947 NE 125th St,
Miami, Florida
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Business description: Lawyer Les provides legal and consulting services with a primary focus in real estate. We can handle your closings, flip deals, probate deals, investor deals, seller financed deals, purchase and sale using hard money/private funding and legal evictions. We have work with many investors and offer free no cost consultation. Call Lawyer Les today at the number below.

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Business Fax: 877-858-1960
MGMT Management LLC
Address: 301 Sunrise Dr
Key Biscayne, FL
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MGMT Management, LLC

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Gregor Kovacs

Business Phone Number: 305-343-1888
Midland IRA Inc.
Address: Midland IRA, Inc.
1520 Royal Palm Sq. Blvd. #320
Fort Myers, FL
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Short Business Description: Midland IRA, Inc.
Phone: 239-333-1032
Fax: 239-466-5496
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Your Gateway to Freedom in Your Retirement Plan

Midland Trust is a leading custodial services provider in the United States focused on self-directed IRA accounts, 1031 exchanges, checkbook IRAs, 401(k)s, and private fund custody services. Beginning as a CPA firm in 1994, Midland has evolved into the company it is today that prides itself on being the most responsive company in its industry by providing personal service representatives to each client and driving efficient operations across the firm.

Administrative Services

Federal regulation requires a qualified trustee or administrator to hold IRA assets on behalf of the IRA owner. Midland provides administrative services to hold assets and the title of the investments in your self-directed IRA account.

Record Keeping

Midland provides administrative services for the IRA on your behalf, including tax reporting, account statements, processing
transactions and bill payments, receiving income deposits and much more.


Midland provides ongoing education for investors and professionals. We offer step-by-step instructions on how self- directed plans work and provide continued education through live events, webinars, and other community engagements.

Your Qualified Intermediary and Certified Exchange Specialist® for 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges
Our certified Midland 1031 staff works closely with real estate professionals and individual investors to help them successfully complete 1031 exchanges. We are fully bonded and insured. We also offer a qualified escrow account administered by an independent bank. Our personal service is unparalleled in our industry. We have acted as a qualified intermediary in hundreds of exchanges each year.

What We Don’t Do
We Do Not Sell Investments

Midland does not offer, broker or sell any investments. The investments held in your self-directed account are chosen by you and managed by you, on behalf of your IRA. Any assets used in performing a 1031 exchange are also chosen by you.

We Do Not Give Financial Advice

Midland does not offer advice. It is important to always consult your tax and/or investment professional to ensure you’re making the best choices for you and your retirement and investing goals.


Primary Contact
Kelsey Dineen

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 239-333-1032
Business Fax: 239-466-5496