Wholesaling And Getting Started Series begins October 17th

Enrique Fernandez, Esq.

Dave Dinkel

Is wholesaling illegal? How do you buy a property with no money? These are questions we get by phone and email at DREIA each month. If you want to learn the basics from an attorney and those in the field, PLUS how to find deals, the DREIA meeting October 17, 2012 is for you. Visit www.DREIA.org for more information.  We meet at Miami Shores Country Club, 10000 Biscayne Blvd., Miami Shores, FL 33138.

How does wholesaling differ from rehabbing? Well, many people with a few bucks for renovation like to buy property from banks or wholesalers to fix and re-sell. But when starting out, many like to learn how to locate properties and assign the contracts to other buyers or re-sell them to investors. This is called wholesaling and it takes place in many forms. Do you have to have money? Yes and no. If you have money, things can be easier (and riskier!) but you may only need nominal money for deposits. There are many ways to buy and re-sell property and we’ll cover  them in this informative series starting October 17, 2012. You’ll also learn from experienced investors how to find properties. Watch your email or visit www.DREIA.org for more details.

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