20 Years and Better Than Ever – Party To Follow

It seems like 20 years have flown by since that fateful day in 1996 when a small group of investors formed what has become the most respected and successful REIA in Florida and Miami. This small group of men and women wanted a place to network, talk about deals and above all, learn about real estate investing.

DREIA survived the killer market of 2006 – 2008 when all seemed lost to local investors and many hard money lenders went belly up.  At this perilous time more than 60% of the REIAs in Florida simply closed their doors.  We persisted and have thrived as evidenced by the standing-room-only crowds we often see at our meetings, sold out workshops, and the most successful one-on-one Mentoring Program in the country.

DREIA’s success is because of people just like you who give us input and attend our meetings.  We greatly appreciate your support and contributions.  As with many REIAs, DREIA was a member of a national association of REIAs.  A few years ago we decided not to renew our membership simply because we differed with the national group’s greatly changed vision.

20 years is a lot of experience in our local markets but what about 100+ years of hands-on doing deals?

That’s the combined experience of the Mentor Team here at DREIA.  Dave Dinkel and Nancy Dinkel, directors of our “Change-Your-Life Mentoring Program”, have been investing in South Florida since 1975.  Dave himself, not a former student-turned-guru, devotes his time directly with new Mentor students for one-on-one training.  Dave personally writes (and constantly updates) all of the written materials and videos provided in our Mentor Program.   He’s always there for questions and ready to help with deals.  He’s a fountain of resourcefulness and a national treasure.

Add to that over 25 years of my personal investing experience and director Viju Koottungal’s experience of over 16 years and you have an unsurpassed history of hands-on experience and service to the real estate community.

What is most important is that we provide our club visitors with a unique experience, helpful insights and show you the results of real deals being done locally.

You can count on DREIA to bring you local speakers and topics of local relevance, not some national circuit speaker referred by a national association.

What a difference 20 years has made in the local real estate market and it continues to change daily.  Whatever happens we will endure and change to meet its demands as we always have.

To Your Health and Wealth,

Jim Pamplin, Viju Koottungal and the entire DREIA Team

DREIA Monthly meeting
Wednesday, Oct 19 , 2016

Networking  – 6:00 PM | MAIN PROGRAM 7 PM

All About Foreclosures: The State Of The Market 

How has the dramatic reduction in foreclosure cases affected our market?  A local attorney reports the statistics and recounts actual courthouse tales.  You may be surprised that the banks and the court system have learned something and are now more efficient than ever. It seems foreclosures are being wrapped up within a year.   

Do you ever wonder why the properties that make it to auction are sold at what seem to be high prices? You’ll learn who the buyers are and why they pay so much.  Learn some of the pitfalls of bidding at auction and some auction strategies that work for local investors. Then you can decide if auctions are for you. 

All the changes have dramatically affected the short sale market. Learn the best way to approach short sales and make a profit. You see, we’re trending toward a “normal” market which many of today’s investors haven’t experienced.  While foreign buyers and hedge funds impacted our market, learn why that trend is down as well. Learn who is buying now. 

Join us for this riveting topic and Deal Talk too!  You’ll come away with new ways to look at our market so that you, too, can profit.

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DREIA Launches Its Professional Series: Multi-Family Development, Management and Best Practices

Get in on the ground floor with us as we embark on a series of 9 installments for the aspiring landlord and multi-unit developer. Learn from a local experienced multi-unit development team with a number of prominent buildings under their belt; buildings their company still retains. Some of the series events will be held at their buildings so you won’t want to miss the innovative and educational approach to this investment niche.

On Wednesday, September 21st at DREIA, you’ll meet the series presenters with a preview of what’s coming:

  • Making Money in Multifamily: Passive Income and Long-Term Wealth
  • Rehabbing Opportunities in Multifamily
  • Development in Multifamily Housing: Learn from our Experience
  • Looking Under The Hood: How to Perform a FULL AUDIT of a Multifamily Asset and know where you stand!
  • Looking Delinquency In The Eye: Actionable Strategies for Success
  • Leasing & Marketing in Multifamily housing
  • Accounting Strategies for Success with your Multifamily Community
  • I have a vacant unit, now what?!!?? Turn it fast is the only answer
  • When Is The Right Time to See Your Multi-Family Asset

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DREIA’s Change-Your-Life Mentoring Program

The exciting opportunity to learn the business while partnering on deals with local, experienced investors. We work directly with you unlike the out-of-town gurus who send you to a call center with scripts. You can call us, email us and see us at the office. We do deals and so can you! Click for more information.

FEARLESS Real Estate Investing

Don’t Worry, Make Offers!  With Fearless Real Estate Investing, you’ll learn to rid yourself of all the worries of making offers and doing real estate deals. You’ll become FEARLESS!  This course teaches you to move past all the barriers, real and imagined, that have stopped you from realizing your dreams as an investor.  Our business plan can have you making offers within a week!  The key to this business is simple: make offers and follow up.  Let the Fearless Real Estate Investing course set you up for success! Click for more information  .