Wednesday  May  17  2017

Miami Shores Country Club, 1000 Biscayne Blvd., Miami Shores FL 33138

Are you a Babysitter or an Investor?

Learn how to make more money with Sharon Restrepo’s Smart Construction System.
 Don’t babysit projects instead of acquiring more deals. Learn strategies for earning more profit running your projects the smart way.

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2-Day Tax Deed Field Trip
Saturday May 6 – 7  2017 in Miami

Learn how to find, research and evaluate Tax Deed deals. Make money by paying other people’s taxes!

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DREIA’s Change-Your-Life Mentoring Program

The exciting opportunity to learn the business while partnering on deals with local, experienced investors. We work directly with you unlike the out-of-town gurus who send you to a call center with scripts. You can call us, email us and see us at the office. We do deals and so can you! Click for more information.

FEARLESS Real Estate Investing

Don’t Worry, Make Offers!  With Fearless Real Estate Investing, you’ll learn to rid yourself of all the worries of making offers and doing real estate deals. You’ll become FEARLESS!  This course teaches you to move past all the barriers, real and imagined, that have stopped you from realizing your dreams as an investor.  Our business plan can have you making offers within a week!  The key to this business is simple: make offers and follow up.  Let the Fearless Real Estate Investing course set you up for success! Click for more information  .